Iowa City Sunday Night SAA Book Study

Iowa City Sunday Night SAA Book Study

Currently we are reading Sex Addicts Anonymous, the basic text of SAA, “The Green Book.” We read from a copy of the book during the meeting and focus discussion on that night’s reading. No books are required nor is attendance at previous meetings, you are welcome to show up anytime during the progress of the book.

Iowa City also has a more laid back SAA group that is held on Wednesday. You will see laughter and camaraderie that comes with recovery.

These meetings are open to all, including visitors. Please contact one of our members for more information.

Sunday Night Book Study Meeting 6:30 PM (Open to Addicts)

Meeting Location:
Mercy Hospital
Classroom 4
500 E Market

By phone319-341-3950

Contact us

Download: Mercy Hospital Floor Plan level 1

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